A Different Way To Think About Company Growth

Our perspective on growth and how we work together

October 10th Articles 3 min read
A Different Way To Think About Company Growth

By Eric Ressler

Defining Growth

When most companies talk about growth, one of the main factors is size—the size of your revenue this year compared to last, the size of your work space, the size and number of projects, and of course, the size of your team. Bigger is better, right?

Since our inception, Cosmic has gradually expanded in all of the ways above until we reached our current nine-person roster. We like the size of our current team and we've intentionally remained at this size because, amongst other reasons, it allows us to create our best work for our clients.

So how do we grow if we're not expanding in a traditional way?

02 Culture

We are an intentionally small crew so that we can remain nimble.

Our Approach to Growth

For us, growth is about individual and team improvement—producing better work, improving skills, and mastering our craft. When one of us hits on something that elevates our work, we’re quick to inform the rest of the team.

We’re a perfectly sized agency for the type of work that we like to do; not so big that there are multiple levels of bureaucracy to manage, yet still able to handle larger projects than a freelancer or smaller studio.

There are advantages to being an agency of our size. First, we’re able to pivot quickly. When a better idea or approach to a project comes up, we can execute it right away, without having to go up the chain for approval. Secondly, because you’re working directly with our team, we’re very transparent. For us, there’s no better way to work.

Cosmic Personal Growth

Digging into our processes requires honest self-examination as a team, and individually, to find ways to improve.

Personal Growth

Personal growth requires us all to be self-motivated; to do more than just to get the work done. We push ourselves to stay on top of current technology and trends in our areas of expertise, and encourage each other to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Trends are examined closely to see if they’re something that makes a site better, or will quickly make it feel dated or gimmicky.

Our team gets together every quarter to talk about how we can improve as a group, and we have open conversations about how to raise our game as individuals. Over the years we’ve learned that good planning and processes are vital to consistently produce good work as a small team. Digging into our processes requires honest self-examination as a team, and individually, to find ways to improve. We feel it’s the best way for us to grow.

Cosmic Team Growth

Team Growth

As a team, we have a “We’re all in this together,” attitude. As a result, we avoid an ego-based work environment. In a small team it’s easy to see how your contributions affect everyone else. It’s our portfolio and our team’s reputation, rather than any one person, that attracts new clients, so we’re invested in continually improving our team’s processes and communication.

Being a small agency requires that everyone wears a lot of hats. So, while each of us at Cosmic has a specialty, we’re able to easily jump between complementary skillsets. It makes for a great creative environment where we throw out ideas and concepts to everyone, and get feedback and inspiration that pushes us further.

Continuous Evolution

Having a flat hierarchy and measuring our growth on a more personal basis is a strategy that’s worked well for us, and our clients, over the years. As we move forward, we’ll continue to refine our processes and look to improve everything about our agency, ourselves, and the value we bring to our clients.

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